Daddy Lumba ordered to return customised Tundra

The Chief Executive Officer of Joy Industries, Herbal Dr Manfred Takyi, popularly called Jaydee, has asked Daddy Lumba to return a customised Tundra he gave the musician and some money he owes.



In a video shared on blogger Zionfelix’s page on Instagram, the CEO complained bitterly about how ungrateful some celebrities have been to him, including Daddy Lumba, after he helped them in their hard times.

“When you introduce your brand and tell them to post on their social media pages, they will tell you to sign a contract with them. Those times we had over twenty artists on one platform, yes. Many of them owe us.



“Even Daddy Lumba owes us. The money we gave Daddy Lumba and also customised a Tundra for him. Tell him to return our car. He had shows at which he was supposed to perform but failed to do so, not even half the show. Our money and car are with him. Today, they have turned their backs on us,” he fumed.

According to Mr Manfred, there was a time when many celebrities were in crisis, and he stepped in to put together a show to support them financially, however, when he needed them to promote his brands, they request a contract.



“Some of the celebrities we have helped in Ghana are here. I am not saying this without any backing. We helped a lot of celebrities when they were in crisis, but none of them have spoken about it and we live for it.

“Yes, I am saying this with all seriousness. When some celebrities had their market go down. Joy industries as a company, as a corporate entity, had them on so many shows, but today, there is a serious economic hardship worldwide,” he added.

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