The nations seer aka One God has revealed on mama radio that the lives of these musicians are in danger. One God stated that wizkid has spiritual problems, spiritual sickness to be precise and he had these sickness in a form of a dream where he took some sort of covid vaccine. This incurable sickness will leave wizkid penny less since wizkid will spend all his money trying to find a cure but wizkid will eventually die.

Again, TEMS as said by one God is a free soul being. Free soul beings do not live for long, they only come to this world make a name for their family, make money and die shortly after. So TEMS needs to see a seer so that something will be done about it before it is too late.

Also, BURNA BOY. The seer explains that, the fatal accident that will involve BURNA BOY like he(One God) said sometime ago, is still on track. Though BURNA BOY said someone said a similar thing to his mom and that they are working on it, he(One God) has witnessed the same scene in the spiritual realm, meaning nothing has been done about it. One God stated clearly that the people he collaborated with (PDD, DJ KHALID) and so on want him dead and they plan to do so by involving him in an accident which will lead to his death. So One God adviced that these musicians should watch out or better still seek protection from a seer before it is too late. Same applies to all African musicians, no one is excluded. All African musicians should watch out.

Source: Mama Radio

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