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‘I am the king of Afro Music’ – QWECi (Ded Buddy)

QWECi (Ded Buddy) stakes claim as King of Afro R&B music genre.

QWECi, also known as Ded Buddy, who is currently promoting his new single ‘Whine Your Waist’ off of the Afro King album also stressed the fact that even though Afro Music has taken shape globally, Ghana still remains the origin of Afro Music through the Hi-Life genre.

QWECi (Ded Buddy) made his mark in 1997-1998 with his hit single Yebesa, R&B with traces of High – Life, and followed up with his debuts album Sansankroma.

He has since then been releasing music in the R&B / Afro R&B / Soul genre, which one may say supports his claim.

Go check out the new ‘Ded Buddy – Afro King Album’ on all streaming platforms for yourself.

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