Tracey Opens Up On The Secret Behind Moesha Budoung , Hajia For real and Mona Gucci..

Tracey deliberately poured out on recent actions and appearance of moesha budoung ,to be of uncertain deeds and however moeshas ending would end up in a disfigure ways.

According to her, friends or folks turning away and chipping in with words are not worth it to be called friends, because calling someone your friend entails bonds and alot,,..

Friends never betrays or chip in disfiguring words on a problem that one is withnessing..

If you are my friend, you should make me feel as such,,,-tracey hammers on,

Many of friends out there , comes in for beneficiary things and go back,,,

These beefs going on does not matter,, because each one of them hides in a deep secret,,


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