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How I Spent 2 years In America Jail ,,, Because of Cocaine Allegation -Kumahood Actress Kumiwaa

Kumiwaa of kumahood actress poured out vividly on her 2 years in america , because of cocaine allegations.

According to her, she made mention of a gentleman named kwesi .

from her words, the gentleman together with some boys came with the idea of going to america, and to her suggestion , she got anxious and swayed up to ask of the job they would do there,which recorded by this kwesi as a show movie.

She made known of her journey to the airpot with kwesi and the other people within the airpot to remove their papers , visas and passport .

she elaborated , they were searched thoroughly..

And to her surprise , her belongings were mounted up with brown cover , which was revealed as a cocaine ..

She said , she could not figure out the boys again ,,,

However what should she say to be brought out from this mess,, hmmm,

She was brought to jail ,, because she was found with cocaine , which was illegal.

Her life was spent and toiled on court each month …,,


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