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We Will Not Accept Reverend Obofour As Our Chief , Pressure Hits Obofours Camp Over Chieftancy.- Views from ghanaians

A disclaimer from the market , extremely sanctioned Reverend Obofours chieftancy .

According to her, she sugggested on a note by comparing the works of God and that of a chieftancy ,,,,, which landed her on the works of God to be a renowned thing to do …

He can never be tagged as a prophet or reverend now, because of his kingship- Views from ghanaians

Nevertheless, there is no need to be honoured as a kingship of new- botiano – sempe…..

The swearing in or being stooled as chief should not varry with someone doing the work of God- Views from ghanaians

However, accepting his chieftancy as well as his commitments to God of being a reverend , would however be cautioned and shaken now ,,,.

A renowned man ended up saying , he should rely on only the maker of earth and universe …and not to obstract on any other idols or thing that will defer his status,…


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