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Rev Obofour ,,,, I wish this allegation is not true,,, Afia Schwarz naked him ,,,,,,, as ghanaian celebrities should take note.- One god

Kofi Boateng ,popularly known as onegod the nationseer on the platform of oman channel elaborated a lot of devious diagnoses ,regarding to the celebs, black sherrif and others,,, to take note and be sensitive to all things..

According to him, Reverend obofours kingships previously which stirred the state, should not intercede his path.

He stated , despite the appearance on him now , ,, it should not vary his shade.

Onegod in an illustration said to reverend obofour ,,, to quit all the dramas towards him.

Afia Schwarzzneggar is just nuisance and baseless , to chip into irrelevant things.

Afia schwarzznegar , should rather think of herself and stop the beefing.

The kingship and enstoolment of Revernd obofour should never be dismayed….that is the modernized state of country we live in now-onegod the seer,,.

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