Don’t be forced to terminate your pregnancy – Women empowered

Clinical Quality Advisor, Dornukwor Teye, has emphatically stated that no woman should be forced to abort her baby.

She mentioned that the abortion law of Ghana gives conditions under which one can terminate a pregnancy, “and one of them is the risk to your physical or mental health.

“So, if you have a partner who you feel is affecting your mental health, legally, you are allowed to terminate that pregnancy,” she told Mercy Bee the Ekumfi Princess on Ghana’s ‘Girl Vibes’ show.

However, she mentioned that it should be a choice. “The fact that your partner insists you terminate a baby doesn’t mean you should do it if you want to keep it.

“If you can take care of your baby and you want to keep it, your partner’s pressure shouldn’t get to you. In fact, when you want to terminate a pregnancy only the woman’s consent is required. So basically it’s the woman’s choice,” she disclosed.

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