Nothing can make me stop my job – Female graduate making a living out of producing slippers

A female artisan, Benedicta Gansah has expressed happiness over her craftsmanship and how she is reaping from having a handiwork
Gansah who is a graduate of the Laterbiokorshie Presbyterian Vocational Institute, discovered her passion early in life and has successfully employed herself as a producer of sandals and slippers

She also specialises in making alterations and repairing slippers as well as producing wedding bouquets
Speaking in an interview with Oman Channel, she indicated that she has no interest in quitting her job
As for my work, even if Jesus comes to tell me I should quit I won’t.


Because that is how I am surviving in Accra. It takes care of my accommodation, feeding and clothing. So I have vested everything I have in it and I feel proud that this is my job,” she said
According to Benedicta, the responsibility lies on parents to find out the natural talents of their children and guide them to realise their full potential instead of coercing them into professions they are not necessarily interested in
She noted that she takes care of her siblings through earnings made from her job. She also added that she looks forward to adding more skills to her experience by learning furniture production


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