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I Periodically do not agree with Owusu Bempahs Bail,,, He should be jailed in order to learn a lesson.-Prophet Olam Bohyeba

Prophet olam Bohyeba periodically does not agree with Rev Owus Bempahs Bail,,,, rather he should have been jailed for sometime inorder to learn a lesson.

Prophet olam -bohyeba diagnoses on the case of Owusu Bempah as a case of study in which he acted foolishly without thinking of the laws at hand…

Recently,, a viral video was seen by Owusu Bempah and other 3 men using a weapon and brandishing it with a threat on Nana Agradaas at her residence.

Prophet Olam Bohyeba started his reason by quoting a word of advice in connection with a bliblical note ,,,which goes , to every anger , the only outcome for it to get cease is by praying and stating the word and depending on it.

He said again ,,, by qouting the bible that ,,, the end result of sin should not be replaced by sin,,,,

If anyone steps a hard toe on you,,, it should be forgiving and not to be retaliated.

And as a true man of God like Prophet Owusu Bempah Of Glorious Power Ministry, he should have seen this battel as a battle that will be judged and acted by God.

Basically his appearance is seen as a man of the world and not of God,,, just because he acted like a man of worldly things.

According to Prophet Olam Bohyeba ,, he started empatically on Owusu Bempah as a derived man who acts openly , which however has tarnished his image now.

For an outcome like what provoked this battle ,,,, Owusu Bempah should have leaned on what the Most High did as he was crucified and chained on the cross , despite his pains and sorrows ,,,,but periodically ,he never did so but rather acted upon it by using a weapon..,,, which was wrong as a prophet of God.

However,, peace stands for all anger and misunderstandings,,,,…-Prophet olam bohyeba

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