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Evangelist Patricia Oduro Is A true Reflection Of Betrayal When It Comes To Afia -Schwarzznegar – Prophet Kumchacha

Prophet Kumchacha finally drops bomb-shelli on Afia- Schwarzznegars arrogance and controversial life ..

According to prophet kumchacha, he has predicted on Afia -Schwarzznegars time in which she would be betrayed by Evangelist Patricia Oduro.

He started emphatically on the arrogance and controversial woman of twins as a woman of needless stand and nuisance.

A viral video was circulating around the globe that revealed on Afia -Schwarzznegar together with Patricia Oduro , which however took in a stir state by ghanaians ,,,.

This is because ,,, Afia was seen in a mood of happiness as she stood close with Evangelist Patricia Oduro.

However ,,Prophet Kumchacha diagnosed on a betrayal stand whereby Afia-b Schwarxneggar would be betrayed by Nana Agradaa.

In his view, he suggest and outlines on Afia Schwarzzneggar as a woman of no respect ,and therefore her time would periodically be squared up by the right person .-Prophet Kumchaha

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