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Osofo Kyiri Abossom Is Not A true Man Of God,,, to chip on popping champagne for the entrapment of Owusu Bempah – Lawyer Maurice Ampaw

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw on oman platform diagnosed and poured out on Osofo Kyiri Abossom of Ghana Union Movement to be a fake man of God ,…

According to Lawyer Maurice Ampaw,, he started emphatically of Osof Kyiri Abossom to have failed his members on the note of labelling his name which does not goes contrary to his deeds or perception.

The reason being that is because he wants the downfall of Owusu Bempah in a way that he actually pronounced of popping champagne over the case of Rev Owusu Bempah when he is jailed .

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw pounces on Osofo Kyiri Abossom of the Ghana Union Movement to be a looser and an open man with greed on the note of labelling himself- kyiri abossom– , whilst it so happen not to be.

He said that,, Osofo Kyiri Abossom was his friend from the scratch and that he really knows his bald head that pops in like a round egg,,,….

Maurice Ampaw as known and crowned as a lawyer and a founder of the legal advocacy foundation in ghana assured the arrest of Owusu Bempah and the 3 other suspect by the police to have misquoted the premises of God ,,,despite the rate of act that was caused by the Prophet.

He did say that the police in line with the arrest warrant should have respected the premises of the church , rather than disfiguring it in a bad way .

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw on oman channel vividly objected to the norms that was carried out which however landed him by chipping on Osofo Kyiri Abossoms comics on popping champagne to the entrapment of Rev Owusu Bempah.

In every situation,, the church must be respected and honoured, no matter the cause,,,-Maurice Ampaw

He said that because,,, the premises of the church involves the holy spirit..

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